Wednesday, March 30, 2016

60 years ago, 3 black teens tried to enroll in Mansfield High — ‘never’ was the reply Mansfield school superintendent told first black applicants ‘never’

From Ft. Worth-

Floyd Moody doesn’t dwell on being denied enrollment. He tried to ignore the hostility and threats.

“I kind of shut things out at that point,” Floyd Moody said “All I heard at that point was, ‘You’re not going,’ so I’m ready to start at I.M. Terrell when school starts. That’s it.”

In front of the school, a mob roughed up Episcopal priest C.W. Clark from St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, who had to be pulled to safety by a Texas Ranger, according to Star-Telegram archives.

“Everything was lovely when we left, but that evening, man, everybody in the city had heard,” Floyd Moody said. “The word had gotten out that three black students were trying to enroll in Mansfield High School.”

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