Thursday, March 17, 2016

Archbishop did not pass abuse claims to police, Goddard inquiry told

From The Guardian-

The former archbishop of Canterbury George Carey failed to pass on a specific allegation of sexual abuse to the police, which allowed a bishop to continue committing offences for another 20 years, a public inquiry has heard.

Carey was sent a detailed letter by an alleged victim of the bishop, Peter Ball, in 1992 outlining claims of sexual abuse, a preliminary hearing of the independent inquiry into child sex abuse (IICSA) was told.

The claim emerged at a preliminary hearing of a public inquiry that is examining child sexual abuse and cover-ups in the Anglican church in England and Wales.

Last year, Ball was sentenced to 32 months in prison for misconduct in public office and indecent assault after admitting abusing 18 young men between 1977 and 1992.

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

There you have it! Lord Carey of Clifton is at the heart of sexual abuse deceit..the kind of deceit that makes him take out his hatefilled/cowardly and pridefilled behavior on innocent LGBTI Anglicans as he covers swarmy behavior (his as well as the convicted sex +abuser). Prosecute and CONVICT Lord Carey and throw away the KEY and tell him to QUIT causing problems at TEC, WHERE he once again deceives honest people with his anti-LGBTI Episcopalian hate-spew...Lambeth 1.10 muckraker at large!