Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kansas City soup kitchen is just like a restaurant

From Kansas City (with video)-

There's a new downtown Kansas City dining experience that's getting a lot of attention.  A culinary team makes the menu and a waiter takes your order.  But it's not a restaurant.

It's the Kansas City Community Kitchen at 8th Street and Paseo, and it's providing free meals to anyone in need.  But it's nothing like a typical soup kitchen.

"We have a baked chicken an oven baked chicken," said one worker at the Kansas City Community Kitchen.  "We have a french fry but instead of being fried, its actually being baked.  We have green beans that have been flavored with a turkey bacon."

All of those items were on the menu at the Kansas City Community Kitchen on Wednesday.  It looks and smells like a restaurant, and there's a friendly staff to take your order.  But the meal is free for everyone.

"We don't want it to be a soup kitchen, for us it's about being a community kitchen so it's about breaking walls and letting people see anyone can be in need," said Beau Heyen at Episcopal Community Services.

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