Thursday, March 24, 2016

We will not be 'cajoled' into accepting homosexuality, says African Archbishop

From Christian Today-

A leading conservative Archbishop has accused the worldwide Anglican leadership of trying to "cajole" orthodox churches into accepting homosexuality.

Archbishop of Kenya Eliud Wabukala says in a letter he cannot heed the Archbishop of Canterbury's plea for him to attend next month's meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in Lusaka.

This is because the promises made at the recent Primates Meeting in Canterbury to restrict the participation of the Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion because of its liberal stance on homosexuality have not been kept, the Archbishop says.

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

PRIDE! Not Gay Pride! Pride of the bigot, fear-mongering and hatefilled at Church who wish to defend their can it be best to remain a stubborn ignoramous (who thinks enlightenment is caused by a Gay Agenda) than to sit down and FIGURE OUT what the real problem is? It ain't about ALL of us loving a loving God! It IS the rest of the greatest commandment...loving YOUR neighbor, ++Eluid...ALL of US and NOT just yourself!