Friday, April 15, 2016

Why are men less religious than women?

From The Telegraph-

Arecent study by social scientists at University College London (UCL) identified that British women are up to twice as likely to pray or take part in a daily religious ritual than men.

Professor David Voas, head of the Department of Social Sciences, who was consulted for the paper, concluded that this gender disparity comes down to genetic differences between the male and female brain – as social factors alone did not explain the difference.

 “It’s plausible that the gender gap in religiosity is partly a matter of biology,” he told Pew Research, a leading US institute that conducted the study. “I doubt that it’s because there’s a ‘God Gene’ that women are more likely to have than men, however. It seems easier to believe that physiological or hormonal differences could instead influence personality, which may in turn be linked to variations in spiritual thinking.”

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