Monday, May 30, 2016

Rwanda: Jesus, the Ancestors, or Both?

From Rwanda-

After she won re-election, she went to her cultural shrine to 'pay homage' to the ancestors. She felt obliged to thank them for guiding her through the hotly contested race for Speaker of Parliament in a country that neighbours our own; it was captured on a video clip that made the rounds and provoked all kinds of reactions that, on the balance of opinion, were downright hostile. It was worth a thought.

The Anglican Church felt cheated by the Speaker's belonging to it and to a 'rival' faith at once. The Archbishop voiced strong condemnation. The Speaker's actions, the bishop intoned, have created "confusion" and are likely to lead "others to stumble.

Moreover, the Speaker had betrayed and confused many Christians who had "rejoiced when the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ opened doors for her to serve [... ] again." He urged all bishops and clergy to "use this opportunity to proclaim the sufficiency of Christ" to their congregations.

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