Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Piers challenges Archbishop of York over gay rights

From ITV-

In the light of the Orlando massacre, there’s been a lot of debate about Islam’s view of homosexuality but these views aren’t limited to just this religion. The Archbishop of York has been at the centre of the debate about gay rights and gay marriage, taking a strong position against it.

Piers asks if it’s time that leaders from all faiths came together and were more tolerant towards homosexuals: "Is it not time for all religious leaders to say ‘we are now going to push for absolute equality and we’re not going to allow anyone to draw any line between people whether they’re straight or gay?'’’

Meanwhile, the Archbishop believes that homophobia and standing against gay marriage are not linked, saying: "You can still have your view in terms of the teaching of the church’s position on marriage and at the same time be intolerant of anyone who is homophobic."

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