Saturday, July 30, 2016

Everyword Interfaith Symposium discusses Holy Bible, launches collaborative website

From Utah-

Gathered within the historic brick chapel of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Provo, Holy Bible followers of various faiths gathered Wednesday night at the first Interfaith Bible Symposium.

The symposium was sponsored by Everyword Bible, an online interfaith collaborative Bible study group. Wednesday’s event was the physical kickoff event that hopes to bring together groups online throughout the world.

“The symposium was to help foster discussion about the Bible, and to allow people to meet. But the life of what we are trying to do is on the website,” said Josh Sabey, co-founder of Everyword Bible. “In a keynote address at UVU's Constitutional Symposium for Religious Freedom, Dallin H. Oaks suggested that one of the most hopeful outcomes of the growing fight for religious freedoms is the new push to cross ‘denominational lines that were insurmountable a few years ago.’”

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