Wednesday, July 20, 2016

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church & Property Up for Sale in Augusta

From Maine-

“We’d love to see it continue as a church, obviously as you look around with the windows and everything, it’s beautiful,” said Reverend Rebecca Grant, with the St. Mark’s Church.

Since 1885, the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church has been worshipping with, and caring for, the Augusta community.

For 150 years, the St. Mark’s home next door has housed elderly, indigent women. But the building has been closed since December of 2014, and now the entire property, including the church, a historic rectory, and a parish hall, is now up for sale.

“Because we simply can’t afford it any longer. We have a small congregation and these buildings cost tremendous amounts of money to heat, to maintain. If you look around this one, you’ll see early signs of deterioration and we just don’t want that to happen to it,” said Grant.

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