Sunday, August 7, 2016

Riot breaks at Nigerian Anglican synod, four women and one youth injured

From Christian Times-

Protesters demanding for the dismissal of an allegedly corrupt Anglican bishop interrupted the Anglican Church from convening its synod. The said protesters also clashed with authorities which resulted with five people injured.

According to the Anglican's official website, protesters surrounded St. John's Anglican Church in Amukpe on July 28 and blocked the clergy and delegates from entering the church to participate in the scheduled synod. The protesters held placards and demanded the resignation of Rt. Rev. Blessing Erife­ta, the bishop of Sapele.

The vicar of St. John then reportedly called the who were soldiers positioned to protect an oil pipeline nearby and requested them to clear the church building of the demonstrators. The clergy prayed at a school nearby as the authorities and protestors clashed. The incident resulted in injuries among four women and a youth.

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