Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wildfire and providence: The aftermath of the Fort McMurray fire

From The Living Church-

For the past few months, the global news cycle has been filled with a number of violent and awful events.  The Fort McMurray fire now stands as a particular kind of spectacle, one that came with very little cost to human life, but nonetheless placed an entire city under life-threatening duress and unprecedented crisis.

The largest evacuation in Canadian history will be an event that none of us forgets. The visual horror of 100-foot flames climbing into the sky, the haunting darkness that overtook the city in the early afternoon, and the widespread panic of the total evacuation have been traumatic for those who were there that day. School kids had to be reunited with their parents, in some cases it took days; the entire hospital was evacuated by air and land; the elderly from care homes spent hours on buses — every complication one can imagine in emptying an entire city in hours happened on May 3.

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