Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Bishop of Grantham reveals the battle for the Anglican soul

From Varsity UK-

Last year, The Rt Revd Libby Lane was consecrated as the Bishop of Stockport, and in so doing overturned the centuries-old tradition that all bishops in the Church of England must be male. This year, with the public declaration of his sexuality, it is the turn of The Rt Revd Nicholas Chamberlain to overturn another centuries-old tradition in becoming the Church’s first openly gay bishop. Despite claims to the contrary, this does not represent a fundamental change to the Church’s position on sexuality and marriage; no Rubicon has been crossed. That said, it does mark an important step forward for the Church of England, while also highlighting the diversity of opinions within the Church and how much work is yet to be done if thoroughgoing agreement is to be reached.

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