Thursday, September 8, 2016

The 'Stained Glass Ceiling' Shatters in Virginia

From Virginia-

But really, we just hired the best priest
Last Sunday, historic Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia welcomed the Reverend Noelle York-Simmons as its 28th Rector. She is also the first woman rector in the church's 243-year history.

It was said that we broke the 'stained glass ceiling' in hiring a woman rector at a cardinal church in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. I'm happy if we lit the path for others. Our goal, however, was always about one thing: hiring the best person to lead our church. As chairman of the Rector Search Committee, I know we all feel blessed to have found her.

During our 18-month national search, our committee reviewed the qualifications of many talented spiritual leaders. We evaluated all candidates in light of the most important gifts, graces and priorities established by the parish and Vestry of Christ Church through our extensive discernment process. Rev. York-Simmons emerged as the best of the best in meeting the present and future needs of Christ Church. The Vestry voted unanimously to approve our recommendation.

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