Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Standing Rock ministry stands resolutely with Sioux Nation’s cause

From ENS-

The Episcopal Church’s solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation remains resolute after a week of emotional events in the ongoing effort to protect the tribe’s land and water supply.

The week began Nov. 20 when some of the hundreds of people who tried to remove burned-out vehicles blocking the Backwater Bridge on Highway 1806 on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation were hit with rubber bullets and doused with fire hoses in sub-freezing temperatures. The bridge had been blockaded since an Oct. 27 confrontation.

Seven students from the Seminary of the Southwest who were on a pilgrimage to Standing Rock Reservation witnessed to the confrontation and wrote about it on social media.

“Here is what we witnessed tonight,” wrote Matt Stone on his Facebook page. “3 water cannons, tear gas, a concussion grenade and rubber bullets fired at nonviolent protectors. This is the most grave injustice I have ever witnessed.”

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