Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A birth worthy of worldwide celebration

From Kansas-

In five days it will be here. Next Sunday, Christmas will dawn and the world will pause, even if only for a short time, to celebrate the birth some 2,000 years ago of a man-child to two refugee immigrants, sheltered in a cave-like barn, for there was no room for them in the local inn.

Since that birth, the world has never been the same. That’s truly amazing! But why? What makes this birth worthy of worldwide celebration? Why have we been so engulfed in the frenzy of the past days getting ready to celebrate the birth of this ignoble child?

As a retired Episcopal priest, I’ve led glorious celebrations of that birth for some 45 years. I should know why we do this frenzied spending every year, yet, to be honest, I’ll admit I’m still baffled by much of it. There is so much about this event that I still don’t understand. For instance, why did the creator of all the cosmos choose to personally visit this tiny rock?

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