Saturday, December 31, 2016

Voice of God steers growth of human beings

From Texas-

Human beings are not created to live their lives in monologue, speaking only to themselves, obeying only some vague little voice within themselves. We are meant to be addressed, to listened for the address of God summoning us, calling us.

Karl  Barth said that all human history begins in being addressed. "Adam, where are you?" That was God's first question to humankind.

We sometimes enjoy depicting ourselves among the sophisticates who question God. "Do you exist?" "Why do you allow suffering in the world? But it's really the other way around. Our questions are not merely as interesting as God's questions to us. "Adam, where are you?"

Listening for the voice of God so that our hearts may determine his will challenges the reigning ideology of our culture that claims autonomy and freedom from accountability. Life is what we want, what we say. No wonder that loneliness is a major modern affliction.

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