Sunday, January 29, 2017

A trinity of partners: Trinity School for Ministry blends several traditions

From Pittsburgh-

Once formed as a renewal movement within the Episcopal Church, it still has Episcopalian students, but its students and faculty increasingly represent the new Anglican Church in North America, also headquartered in Ambridge, which split from the Episcopal Church in 2009 over liberalizing trends in the latter, including the ordination of gay bishops.

Trinity also is home now to similar groups of conservative Lutherans and Presbyterians who also broke from their larger denominations over similar issues.

“It’s for missional reasons that we’re collaborating, not economic,” said Rev. Thompson referring to other seminaries that merge to cope with declining enrollment and funds. “We have our theological discussions and dust-ups, but we’re learning from each other and that’s been rewarding.”

Rev. Thompson, a former pastor who has been on the Trinity faculty since 1997 after nearly two decades in parish ministry, succeeded the Very Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry in May 2016 as interim president and was named permanently to the post in December.

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