Monday, February 6, 2017

GAFCON Accuses Anglican Head Office Of Deceit Over 'Consequences' For Gay-Affirming Episcopal Church

From Christian Today-

The global Anglican head office is being accused of deception in a row over the role of the gay-affirming Episcopal Church in the USA.

The Episcopal Church allows same sex marriage and consecrates gay bishops and as a result worldwide Anglican leaders at the last primates meeting in January 2016 imposed "consequences".

As part of those consequences, which the primates insist are not "sanctions", The Episcopal Church (TEC) was barred from decision making in matters of doctrine for three years.

But GAFCON, a conservative grouping within the Church, accused Anglican officials of half-truths, manipulation and compromise in a dispute over whether TEC delegates voted at a recent meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC), a decision making body in the wider Anglican Communion.

Bureaucrats at the Anglican Communion Office insist TEC did not officially vote because the decisions were agreed by consensus, not by ballot.

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