Thursday, February 23, 2017

LGBT: “Glitter Ash Wednesday”?

From TruNews-

LGBT group adds glitter to ash on the traditional cross on the forehead. What's the point, doesn't Ash Wednesday already have an important and powerful message?

The group reportedly indicates that the intention behind adding glitter to the ash on the cross placed on foreheads on Ash Wednesday March 1, 2017, is so that their message is advanced. For Christians, Ash Wednesday already has a very important message for the people, but the LGBT group called Parity feels they have something to add.

The Christian Post reports that the event is known as "Glitter Ash Wednesday," and churches from 21 states and Canada will be taking part in the Ash Wednesday event. "Glitter Ash Wednesday" is being coordinated by the New York-based LGBT group Parity, as well as prominent Episcopal priest, activist and author the Rev. Elizabeth Edman. The Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen, executive director of Parity, told The Christian Post that the purpose of Glitter Ash Wednesday is to serve as a witness to an "inclusive Christian message."

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