Sunday, March 26, 2017

Did We Worship Our Way to Trump?

From Red Letter Christians-

How did we get here? No, not just how did Americans manage to elect to the presidency someone so astonishingly arrogant, persistently dishonest, brashly ignorant, fundamentally disrespectful, proudly profligate, clearly hateful, and altogether incompetent? Rather, how did American Christians – particularly white Christians – come to the point where they could support such a person?

Without the Christian vote, Trump would never have made it into the Oval Office. I suspect worship has a lot to do with it.

The patterns of worship in American churches helped pave the way for Christians to offer him their vote. Clearly, there is not just one reason Trump took more than 80% of the white evangelical vote and the majority of the white Catholic and mainline Protestant vote. But it comes down to this: many American Christians worship the same god as Trump.

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