Monday, May 8, 2017

Church of Ireland refuses to apologise to gay couples for hurt caused

From Christian Today-

The Church of Ireland has refused to apologise to gay couples hurt by the lack of blessing for their relationships.

A motion calling for the Anglican body to acknowledge the hurt felt and asking bishops to look into prayers and thanksgiving services for LGBT couples was rejected by the Church's synod last Friday.

After splitting into their three separate factions – bishops, clergy and laity – to vote, the motion was defeated by 72 to 56 in the clergy and by 104 to 90 in the laity. The bishops opted not to vote.

Tabled by Dr Leo Kilroy and seconded by Rev Brian O'Rourke, both members of the select committee looking issues surrounding same-sex relationships, the private members motion did not look to change church teaching.

Instead it asked the synod to acknowledge 'the injury felt by members of the Church who enter into loving, committed and legally-recognised, same-sex relationships, due to the absence of provision for them to mark that key moment in their lives publicly and prayerfully in Church'.

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