Thursday, February 8, 2018

Nigeria under spiritual darkness, but there is hope, says Okoh

From Nigeria-

Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Nicholas Okoh, yesterday said Nigeria’s current situation could only be possible because Nigerians were spiritually blind and the entire nation operating under spiritual darkness.
His words: “Where spiritual blindness and poverty persist in a nation, it will eventually result in economic poverty, breakdown of social system and emergence of heartless people, who will make the times perilous.

“When leaders lead without the counsel and fear of God, they grope in darkness and won’t see what makes them stumble.”Okoh, who spoke on The Poverty Of The Riches, at a meeting of the Church, said: “The blessings of natural resources with which God has blessed Nigeria, had no impact on the wellbeing of the people.”

The reason for that, he stated, was because Nigerians have forsaken the giver and put their confidence in gifts.He said the Church of Nigeria could not be divorced from the country’s spiritual poverty, as evidenced in the divisions, greed, spiritual shortsightedness and confidence in wealth.Okoh further told members that the Church “has strong connection with the nation,” adding: “It is the members of the Church that make up the state. Therefore, to a large extent, the life of the Church impacts the nation and vice versa”.

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