Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Blue’s Clues: Blogging my way through General Convention resolutions

From Scott Gunn-

If you are a church geek, I have good news. This blog is about to begin an epic exploration of resolutions proposed for action by the Episcopal Church’s General Convention, set to take place in Austin, TX this July. As long-time readers will know, this is not my first time at this particular rodeo (hey, I’m trying to enjoy the Texas milieu).

As you may know, the official reports of official committees and such are put in a book colloquially called the Blue Book. In the past, it has not always been blue. More recently, it’s not always clear it’s going to be a book. This time, I believe it will be both blue and a book. You can also read everything online. (This page has links to various General Convention resources, including the online resolutions.)

In 2012, my series was titled simply, “Blogging Blue.” Last General Convention, in 2015, my series was called “Tangled Up in Blue.” This time, I crowdsourced the name on Facebook. A couple of people suggested “Blue’s Clues,” a name I had already been thinking about. Lisa Barrowclough was the first to suggest it, so email me, and you can collect a prize. I’ll send Lisa a copy of the newly published book I co-authored with Melody Wilson Shobe, Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs & Practices.

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