Friday, April 20, 2018

Sacred Items Dating Back to the 1800s Stolen from Placerville Church

From California-

The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour was broken into Monday night, according to Reverend Debra Sabino.

What makes the case bizarre is that the items stolen, aside from some audio equipment, have no value outside of the church. They include chalices and patens. The chalices were for the wine considered the blood of Christ and patens are the plates used to serve the bread or body of Christ.

But those items have huge value to the church.

Sabino said the church was the first Episcopal Church built west of the Mississippi when it went up in Placerville back in 1863. Some of the stolen chalices and patens date back to the church's inception

"And they have names engraved from people back in those days that they were given in memory of from so long ago, who still have families in the area," Sabino told FOX40.

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