Saturday, June 16, 2018

Episcopal Church bishop appoints new missioner for returning congregations

From South Carolina-

Bishop Skip Adams has appointed the Rev. William Coyne as the new missioner for returning congregations for the Episcopal Church in South Carolina, a new diocesan staff position created to assist parishes and missions that are returning to The Episcopal Church.
“This new ministry is a way for our diocese to manifest good care of God’s people, live out our Diocesan Vision, and always seek the goals of reconciliation and unity in Christ during this important time of transition,” Adams said in a news release.
As missioner, Coyne will report directly to the bishop while developing teams and support systems around the diocese for the successful return of churches to the Episcopal Church in South Carolina, which is the diocese of the Episcopal Church in eastern South Carolina.
“Bill Coyne brings great gifts to this position, both in his education and abilities and in his many years of experience at the parish and diocesan levels,” Adams said. “His passion for congregational vitality and service to God’s people will be a great blessing to everyone who will be working with him in the months ahead.”
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