Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Camp Beckwith director offers "apologies" amid Melatonin scandal

From Central Gulf Coast-

Several days after parents first filed reports with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office claiming Camp Beckwith staff gave children 5 mg pills at bedtime without their explicit consent, the camp's executive director has broken her silence about the allegations. 

Eleanor Reeves is the Episcopal church camp's executive director. 

On Saturday, July 28, she wrote to concerned parents in an email. 

The email reads in full:


I grieve for the pain and disappointment and disillusionment that have tarnished "God's Front Yard" over the last few days. I also rejoice in the sweet smiles and new friendships and exuberant innocence which have confirmed my belief that we do something important here.

I offer my unrestricted apologies to all who will remember this Summer as anything less than a glimpse of the Kingdom. I give glory to God for those staff and volunteers who have endured the yellow flies, who have swept floors, who have played kickball til their toes are black and blue, who have eaten tater tots for nine weeks ... and who have loved your kids... our kids.
Attached to my note is a letter from our Bishop.

God's Blessings,
Eleanor Reeves"

Some parents, who claim camp staff gave their children the Melatonin, said they feel as though Reeves' apology was sarcastic and insensitive. 

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