Monday, July 2, 2018

Episcopalian couples, advocates hope the church removes gay marriage restrictions

From Tennessee-

Indie Pereira and her wife Pari Bhatt still want a church wedding.

The Nashville couple regularly attends St. Philip's Episcopal Church, but opted for a civil ceremony in the living room of the city's former mayor because their bishop will not permit same-sex couples to have the religious ceremonies in the church. 

Pereira and Bhatt live and worship within the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee, which is one of only eight dioceses in the country where such a ban exists. Their struggle within the church's Middle Tennessee region is illustrative of how views on marriage continue to threaten the unity of the denomination. 

"It amazes me that I could literally go to any other dioceses that touches us and get married," Pereira said. 

But that could change soon.

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