Friday, October 12, 2018

All Things Anglican: Who we are and what we believe, by Marcus Throup

From The Church Times-

“THE Anglican position is that anyone can believe anything they like,” an uncharitable relation of mine said recently. Well, we don’t employ thought police. More positively, my late wife Denise often observed how greatly she appreciated what she referred to as “the spaciousness of Anglicanism”.

Within that space, Anglicanism does have a very clear approach to things, and the author of this book sets out to provide “a textbook on Anglicanism that would cover essentials in a way that readers would find accessible, practical, informative and engaging”.

Articulating what is distinctive about Anglicanism in a way that is clear and accessible is not easy. The author points out that people new to Anglicanism find that Anglican jargon can be “not only unfamiliar, it can feel alienating, archaic and even a bit wacky!” Anyone who has tried explaining the difference between a priest, deacon, curate, vicar, and rector will resonate with that.

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