Saturday, December 8, 2018

Florida bishop had a hand in 'Silent Night' translation

From Florida-

If you look carefully inside St. John’s Episcopal Church on Monroe Street, the red brick edifice that on the busy thoroughfare seems so peacefully removed, you will find a precious photo of an organ.
 It is a special photo of a special organ because the instrument is dedicated to Bishop John Freeman Young.  It was an organ upon which at Christmas time was played what is now the world’s most popular hymn, "Silent Night" — the very hymn translated by John Freeman Young himself, a man with a special connection to Tallahassee.

With original Germanic words, written in 1818 by Austrian Joseph Mohr and set to music by Franz Gruber, "Silent Night" has now been translated into over 300 languages according to FSU Assistant Professor of Musicology, Sarah Eyerly.  John Freeman Young gave us the hymn in English.

Young was born in Maine in 1820 and converted to the Episcopal faith. Following graduation from Virginia Theological Seminary, he made his way South to Jacksonville, Florida, where he served as Deacon at St. John’s Church there.

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