Thursday, January 10, 2019

Church leader finds internet never forgets

From Eternity News-

The internet forgets little, not even a Easter talk. An old message by Australian Anglican leader John Shepherd, who has just been appointed as Interim Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome – a sort of “embassy” for Anglicans to the Vatican – brings back uncomfortable memories.

Shepherd was formerly the Dean (senior minister) of Perth’s St George’s Cathedral. Back in Easter 2008, he released a video on the resurrection – Jesus’ rising from the dead. In this message, Shepherd appears to deny the physical resurrection of Christ.

“The resurrection of Jesus ought not to be seen in physical terms, but as a new spiritual reality,” Shepherd says on a video released by the Perth cathedral. “It is important for Christians to be set free from the idea that the resurrection was an extraordinary physical event which restored to life Jesus’ original earthly body.”

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