Sunday, March 17, 2019

Suicide Risk Among Pastors and Clergy Members

From Psychology Today-

A few months ago, I screened the film Indivisible, which was based on the true story of Army Chaplain Darren Turner. The portrayal of Chaplain Turner’s story of struggle and healing following his combat zone deployment is both refreshing and valuable. The movie highlights the often-hidden struggles of those who serve in ministry roles. For example, as in Chaplain Turner’s case, any one of us can have a crisis of faith, even our faith leaders. In addition, witnessing the struggles of those perceived by some to be exempt from needing to ask for help breaks down stigma.

In light of the suicide death of Inland Hills Pastor Andrew Stoecklein this past Saturday, I am again reminded that those who stand as a beacon of hope may have some under-appreciated vulnerabilities. Those who serve within the clergy are often driven by a deep and abiding mission, a calling that sometimes has its roots in childhood intuition. Many within the clergy derive a great sense of purpose — sometimes even life-saving purpose — from inspiring hope and pointing us to a life of faith and reliance on God.

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