Monday, May 6, 2019

Calm urged as Anglican split over sexuality threatens to deepen

From Premier-

Anglicans on both sides of the sexuality debate are being encouraged to calm the rhetoric ahead of a very important meeting next year.

Bishops from across the world are due to come together for the once a decade Lambeth Conference but there's concern many will boycott.

Conservative group GAFCON says its bishops won't attend due to the fact gay bishops will be permitted to attend.

Conservatives within the Church are also unhappy at how they've been portrayed by the Anglican Communion.

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Ronald Caldwell said...

Jim Once again "Premier" is practicing shoddy journalism. This time: "Gafcon says its bishops won't attend." This is not true. In fact, the Gafcon primates sent a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury asking that the Anglican Church in North America be invited and TEC not be invited to the 2020 Lambeth Conference. If the ABC should refuse, the primates said they would "urge" its bishops not to attend the LC. So far, only three primates have said they would not attend the LC. For the sake of the noble goal of keeping people calm and reasonable about next year, we should not publicize misleading assertions. If I were you, I would screen well any article from "Premier" before posting.