Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Archbishop-elect Kaziimba talks adversity, ministry and triumph

From Uganda-

Rt Rev Dr STEPHEN SAMUEL KAZIIMBA MUGALU is the incoming archbishop of the Church of Uganda after the House of Bishops elected him on August 28. 

Kaziimba is thoughtful and has a charismatic character. At 57 years, the theology doctor is the outgoing bishop of Mityana and will head the Anglican Church for the next eight years. He opened up to Nicholas Bamulanzeki and Dunstan Mukalazi about his tough upbringing, challenges as a priest, inspirational lessons as well as his future plans.

On the way to the residence of Dr Kaziimba, the three-kilometre stretch from Mityana town to Namukozi hill is littered with several monuments attributed to him. Our guide, a land broker in the town, assured us that Kaziimba has had a profound imprint in Mityana.

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