Friday, September 20, 2019

Federal judge rules in favor of Episcopal Church in South Carolina in trademark infringement case

From ENS-

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Gergel ruled in favor of The Episcopal Church in South Carolina today on the trademark infringement and false advertising lawsuit filed in 2013. Saying that “The time has come for this dispute to be resolved,” Judge Gergel granted the plaintiff’s (the Bishop of The Episcopal Church in South Carolina(TECSC)) motion for summary judgement, and declared that the group that disassociated from The Episcopal Church (TEC) in 2012 (and all affiliated churches) can no longer use the name “Diocese of South Carolina” nor use the “diocesan seal” or “Episcopal shield.”

The federal case, known as vonRosenberg v. Lawrence, was filed in March 2013, a few months after Mark Lawrence and a breakaway group announced they were leaving The Episcopal Church. The suit involves a claim of false advertising under the federal Lanham Act. At that time, Bishop Charles vonRosenberg was the only bishop recognized by The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion as bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina. According to the lawsuit, by continuing to represent himself as bishop of the diocese, Mark Lawrence is committing false advertising.

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