Thursday, October 10, 2019

St. George's school: Episcopal priest apologizes for racial comments in guest speech

From Memphis-

An Episcopal priest recently gave a speech at St. George's Independent School in Collierville in which he mentioned his past fears of African Americans. His approach struck some in the audience as racist, and the school held a second assembly the same day to apologize to students.

The priest, Rev. Thomas Momberg, has apologized, too.

A student newspaper at St. George's, The Lodge, said Momberg described a 1966 incident in which he felt fearful of three young black men and locked his car door.

The student publication wrote that Momberg seemed to be trying to make a bigger point about fear and racism, but didn't communicate the message clearly, and his delivery left some students feeling confused and hurt.

Head of school Ross Peters wrote an email to parents later that day, Sept. 17.

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