Monday, October 21, 2019

'Tampon Team' curbs period poverty in Teton County

From Wyoming-

Melinda Binks and Sarah Ferris have worked on providing access to menstruation products in the Himalayas. But both were surprised to find the same problem facing girls and women in Teton County.

“I couldn’t believe it was going on here,” Binks said.

Binks and Ferris joined a small group of mostly women on the southwest corner of Town Square on Saturday to hand out information about “period poverty” and where people could access products.

The educational rally, timed to coincide with National Period Day, was born from the organizers of the Period Project, a collaboration started by St. John’s Episcopal Church, St. John’s Hospital Foundation and the Jackson Cupboard.

The three groups joined forces last spring to purchase and distribute tampons and pads to schools and businesses throughout town. The Tampon Team — the moniker given to the group of volunteers that stock the baskets — have expanded to include Arapahoe Middle School in Fremont County and the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley in Driggs, Idaho.

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