Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Church of England stance on sex and marriage is staggeringly stupid

From The Guardian-

I am a lifelong member of the Anglican communion. My current situation in life is that I am happily married – have been for over 30 years – to a woman who is also a lifelong member of the Anglican communion. However, in 2014 I transitioned, and changed from my birth gender, as a man, to my present gender, as a woman.

Just for clarity, then, I would be interested to know whether the Church of England’s latest teaching (New C of E statement on sex in civil partnerships condemned as confused, 24 January) says that my marital relationship with my wife is problematic because we are both women? Or whether it says that I am “not really a woman”, and so my marital relationship at any rate is quite unproblematic?
To put it another way, I am wondering whether the church’s attitude to me now is essentially one of homophobia, or transphobia. I look forward to its pastoral guidance on this difficult question.

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