Monday, April 6, 2020

Montana church leaders adjusting to COVID-19 impacts

From Montana-

The pews at Montana churches are usually filled with faithful during Holy Week, but COVID-19 concerns have made religious leaders rethink the way they deliver messages.

"We’ve been using every technological means possible," said Bishop Laurie Jungling of the Montana Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

From live-streaming services to meeting with other churches over the Internet, Covid -19 is not slowing religious leaders down.

"Strangely it may be the busiest I’ve ever been," said Bishop Michael Warfel of the Catholic Diocese of Great Falls-Billings.

Episcopal Bishop Marty Stebbins was ordained in December 2019. Previously she worked as a veterinarian with a specialty in epidemiology and infectious disease. She was preparing for high tech worship before Coronavirus came to Big Sky Country.

"When we started having cases near Montana I had a discussion with the clergy about starting to practice virtual services," said Bishop Stebbins.

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