Friday, May 22, 2020

Not All Churches in Western NY Ready To Reopen Just Yet

From Western NY-

Leaders with St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Jamestown and those from other denominations are preparing, but are in no hurry, to reopen their church doors.

"Our number one priority right now is serving our communities; it is not about getting back into buildings. It's not a tragedy. It's a tragedy that people are dying in a pandemic," said Sean Rowe, bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Rowe is uniquely working with reopening guidelines across two states.

He says he'll plan to follow the science and let public health lead the way as he puts a reopening plan together for his churches that is appropriate and safe.

"We're going to hold ourselves to the highest standards in that regard. What it will look like in each place, and we believe that our local communers will be able to adapt," said Rowe.

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