Sunday, June 14, 2020

'Weird Christianity' and why young people are embracing orthodoxy online and in church

From Australia-

Gregorian chants, renaissance choral music and incense wafting from a metallic censer. 

In an era when Kanye West runs gospel-inspired services, and megachurches, like Hillsong, release chart-topping hits, these ancient Christian traditions are, unexpectedly, having a moment. 

And they're not just resonating with older generations, either. 

Younger people are flocking to late-night Latin Mass — at least they were pre-COVID — and embracing Christian orthodoxy in online spaces. 

So says Tara Isabella Burton, America-based author of the forthcoming book Strange Rites and a member of the self-proclaimed "Weird Christian" movement.

"The term is often applied to young, online Christians who embrace the elements of their faith that might be considered weird by the modern world," Burton explains.

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