Friday, July 18, 2008

AP Story on Lambeth Quoting Bishop Geralyn Wolf

From The Philadelphia Inquirer some interesting quotes about the openinf retreat and the conference itself. Including this one from Geralyn Wolf (pictured (George Conger Photo)).

"Details of those talks were not released. But Bishop Geralyn Wolf of Rhode Island said the archbishop of Canterbury spoke about how bishops must "call everyone together."

"Many people want us as bishops to align ourselves to one group or another," she said, summarizing his remarks. "But as bishops we must say there is more than just being on one man's side. You have to make decisions for the good of the whole. There's not just one way.""

Read it in context here -


The Vicar of Pontiac said...

The photo attached to this posting is of Bishop Carolyn Irish of Utah, not Bishop Wolf.

Unknown said...

I can tell you without a doubt, the picture is of Bishop Wolf of Rhode Island.