Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Central Florida Withdraws Financial Support From The Anglican Communion Network

In 2003 ten dioceses met in Ft. Worth to form the Anglican Communion Network. I was privileged to have been a part of this gathering and a signer of the Network Charter. At the time of its creation the Network was to provide a safe place for conservatives of varying stripes to be and to remain in the Episcopal Church. However, as Bishop John Howe comments in the following article, The Network has increasingly moved away from its original vision and towards one of separation from The Episcopal Church. The Diocese of Central Florida was one of the founding dioceses of the Network. In the July edition of the Diocesan Newspaper, Bishop Howe has announced that the diocese will no longer send money to the Network. This is a significant break from an organization that has been claiming a high degree of unity among its members.

The pdf of the paper can be found at the link below. Scroll down to the second page. The letter appears under the title "According to John


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Celinda Scott said...

Thanks very much for the link to Bishop Howe's whole letter. In my opinion, this is very good news for conservative Episcopalians who want to stay in TEC. The problem with disaffiliation is that 1) it means a smaller conservative voice within TEC and 2) the threat of disaffiliation by other conservatives frames their whole witness in an atmosphere of distrust. --Bishop Howe's references to the Anglican Communion Institute--its mission, and the names of people involved--are very helpful.