Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Stuff in TEC: Bethlehem (PA)

Bethlehem churches band together to provide shelter for homeless

A different church will open its doors each night of the week with volunteer "hosts" providing support.The Bethlehem program does not offer any services, just a warm place to sleep.

"Because we're short-term and we don't offer any programs, we don't ask any questions," said Marcie Lightwood, a vestry warden and social worker with Trinity Episcopal. "Our only requirement is that they behave themselves."
The program is similar to one that has been operating in Warren County since July except that the New Jersey counterpart uses a weekly, not daily system.

"I'm always impressed by what churches have done," said Bob Frankenfield, executive director of the Warren County Interfaith Hospitality Network. "It's restored my faith.


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