Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bribe claims fly ahead of ACK poll

A report about possible bribery in the election of the next Archbishop of Kenya-

Allegations of bribery, lobbying by some candidates and attempts by politicians to influence voting have emerged ahead of elections set for Friday to decide the next leader of the Anglican Church of Kenya.

One of the contestants, Taita bishop Samson Mwaluda, claimed a rival candidate was dishing out money.

“If I do not get favours from God, money cannot influence anything. My greatest weapon are prayers. I have heard money is already exchanging hands but I will not do that because I know I have what it takes to lead the church,” he said in an interview with the Daily Nation at the Coast over the weekend.

He said he depends on God’s miracle to ascend to the top.

The cleric said those who do not have a calling from God are bound to bribe their way to the position.

The 150-member electoral college, the body that will elect the new leader, will gather at the All Saints’ Cathedral in Nairobi on Friday to elect the new head in a secret ballot election.

Others in the running are Maseno West bishop Joseph Otieno Wasonga, Kitale bishop Stephen Kewasis and Bungoma bishop Eliud Wabukala.

Also raising allegations that money had begun changing hands ahead of the poll was another bishop from Western Province not in the race who sought anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the matter.

“There are claims that some people want to influence the outcome of the elections with money. I want to, however, state that this would be unfortunate as we want only God’s intervention,” he said.

Speaking to the Nation in Nairobi yesterday, the church’s equivalent of a secretary-general, bishop Lawrence Dena, said no direct campaigns were allowed and Friday’s election was considered a mere formality as the “head has already been identified by God”.

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