Monday, May 11, 2009

Bishop Tengatenga elected Chair of Anglican Consultative Council

Malawi’s Rt Rev James Tengatenga has been elected as the new chair of the Anglican Consultative Council beating four candidates who had been nominated.

Mrs Elizabeth Paver of the Church of England came second in an election which took place on May 8, 2009.

Bishop Tengatenga has a wide variety of experience in the communion and most recently served as a member of the Design Group for the Lambeth Conference in 2008. He was born in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe on 7th April, 1958.

Bishop Tengatenga did all his pre-college education in Zimbabwe. In 1979 he began theological training and priestly formation at Zomba Theological College after which, in 1982, he continued theological training at The Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest at Austin, Texas in the USA.

In 1984 he married Jocelyn at St. David’s Episcopal Church, Austin Texas. They have three biological children, Susan (21), Cecil (19) and Alinafe (14) and six inherited from deceased sisters, Eunice, Misozi, Edith, Caroline, Prince and Henry.

On graduating with a M.Div. degree in 1985 he returned to Malawi and was ordained deacon at St. Thomas Church in the Diocese of Lake Malawi by Bishop Peter Nyanja.

In addition to parish ministry, he was also the diocesan youth worker and diocesan training chaplain. In 1989 he went to Birmingham England to train as a youth/community worker.

After 8 years of parish ministry he joined the faculty at Zomba Theological College. And, after four years there, he joined the faculty of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Malawi.

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