Monday, October 19, 2009

‘Juju’ Discovered At Presbyterian Church …Members Accuse Pastor

From Liberia-

Regular worship service at the Presbyterian Episcopal Church located at the corners of Broad & Johnson Streets came to a stand-still yesterday after members claimed that they discovered a fetish item believed to be juju.The members insisted that the disruption of yesterday service was a result of the Pastor’s refusal to step down and turn over the pulpit. According to them, they would not sit under the preaching or administering of the church head pastor because according to them he has fallen from grace to grass.

Their protest disrupted the then ongoing mini service during which time some members claimed that the pastor was spotted planting "juju" at the back of the church building. According to the members, after receiving the hint, they immediately proceeded at the site of the alleged ‘Juju’ where an unusual and strange item was dug out of the ground. They claimed that the watchman spotted the pastor with two strange men over the weekend during which time he monitored them planting the alleged ‘Juju’ at the back of the church.

The pastor was also referred to as a ‘Satan’ because according to them, as a man of God, he has committed himself to the planting of ‘JUJU.’ Even though no one could confirm as to whether or not the strange item that was dug out from behind the church building was actually a ‘juju’ or mere furniture. The members however insisted that the pastor was spotted accomplishing his devilish objective.

Earlier, a tentative service was held with a handful of members inside the church building, but unfortunately a huge quantity of the church’s congregation was seen outside the building demanding that the pastor leave the pulpit before regular service can continue. Members of the church later turned protestors after found signing "Satan Go, Go, Go, we don’t want to see you again." The members claimed that the pastor had proposed love to almost every young lady in the church and that since he took over three years ago immorality at the helm of the church has increased greatly.

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