Thursday, October 22, 2009

Parishioners send prayer beads to troops

From the Washington Post-

Many Americans are praying for U.S. troops overseas. Some women from St. James Episcopal Church are helping Americans in the service say their own prayers.

Every other week, the group gathers to string prayer beads to send overseas.

A couple of years ago, one of the women at the Indian Head church saw the beads at a diocesan convention. I1n April, the church started its own prayer bead group, parishioner B.J. Creelman said.

"It's a group fellowship, and we really enjoy it," said Clare Phillips, group coordinator.

The church serves as a partner parish with On Beads of Prayer, an international nonprofit ministry that began at St. Alban's Parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington in 2006. The ministry has 17 participating parishes.

In a matter of months, the women of St. James have made hundreds of strings of prayer beads. "We are pretty prolific," Phillips said.

On Beads of Prayer will "send the beads to the chaplains [in the Middle East] and have them distribute them to any of the military people who are in need of that kind of guidance -- in need of having some way to connect to God or people who are in the military hospitals," Creelman said.

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