Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anglicans focus on home, and Rome

From The BBC-

Anglicans in Sevenoaks, Kent, have given mixed reactions to the Apostolic Constitution published by the Vatican.

Since the Church of England first ordained women priests in the 1990s several hundred Anglicans have taken the road to Rome; many married Anglican priests have been ordained in the Roman Catholic church.

The Apostolic Constitution, holding out to Anglicans the prospect of their own hierarchies - "ordinariates" - within the Roman Catholic system, has led to predictions that whole congregations opposed to plans for women priests will leave the Church of England.
'Totally unacceptable'

In Sevenoaks - visited by the BBC News website earlier this year to discuss the women bishops debate, the parish of St John the Baptist is firmly on the Catholic wing of the Church and opposed to women's ordination.

But Jim Cheeseman, a parishioner of St John's and a member of the C of E's General Synod, finds much to criticise in the Vatican's plan.

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