Friday, November 13, 2009

Invite from Rome 'offensive,' says Anglican bishop

From Toronto-

An invitation from Rome to join the Catholic Church is "offensive in the extreme," the head of a breakaway group of Canadian Anglicans says.

"Apart from being an intrusion at the very highest levels of one major church into the internal affairs of another, under the guise of being ecumenical, this invitation offers very little that is new," Bishop Don Harvey, moderator of the Anglican Network in Canada, told the group's annual synod Thursday morning.

The Network left the Anglican Church of Canada last year to join the conservative Anglican Church in North America in a dispute over liberal versus conservative interpretations of the Bible that came to a head over gay marriage and clergy.

Then, last month, Pope Benedict XVI invited dissatisfied Anglicans to join the Catholic church, but keep their Anglican rituals. Details of the invitation, which allows Anglican clergy to remain married, but not become bishops, were released this week.

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