Wednesday, December 30, 2009

‘Begging Burglar’ Breaks Into Church To Avoid Freezing Temperatures

From Pittsburgh- (Video too)

One local church reported a series of unusual break-ins.

Police said a burglar broke into a church on East Jefferson Street in Butler County and it turns out he may have had a change of heart.

According to police, the person responsible for the break-ins may be homeless, freezing and just trying to get out of the cold.

One parishioner said the person is being called the begging burglar.
Police said the begging burglar broke into St. Peter’s Episcopal Church looking for a warm place to stay.

He left a note behind using a child’s crayon asking for forgiveness.

The note said, “I’m sorry about the window, I needed a place to stay tonight. I will repay you when the time is right. P.S. I think God forgives me.”

Police said he cleaned up the mess then left a second note to warn children to avoid the mess.
“It’s very sad that somebody had to break in then sleep in the room,” said a member of the church.

The pastor of the church said he would never press charges and would have helped the person responsible including a voucher for a night or two in a hotel.

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